You Need

  • A paper
  • A pen / pencil
  • A ruler to measure


  • Place the paper on the floor next to the wall
  • Put on a sock and place your foot on the paper so that the heel is next and perpendicular to the wall
  • Mark the length of your foot in its most protruding part, keep in mind that it is not always the big toe
  • With the ruler measure the resulting length and check it in the following table:
Centimeters (CM)24,42525,726,32727,628,328,929,6
Inches (‘’)9,609,8410,1210,3510,6310,8711,1411,3811,65
Size (EUR)383940414243444546
Size (UK)456789101112
Size (USA)5678910111213

If you have doubts because your measurement is between two numbers, choose the largest one

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